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Maybe we did die…

Happy New Year~! Yep! We still exist! Less active, but we’re still here ^^; I’m hoping we’ll be a little more active now. We’ll see, I guess?


We haven’t died yet

There has been a lack of fanart posted, but we’ve updated the theories page and are working on translations. And for a bonus I’m writing some fanfiction I may or may not put up XD We’ll see how it turns out. So keep checking for new stuff~!


Hokora in Junaguni ruins. I kinda winged it on the ship so blah. No one knows what it looks like anyway XD


Crayons = Turii

Finally got something done!! *proud of myself* I’m disappointed in the fact that I JUST watched the Turii PV. It may be my favorite… And I had just finished coloring for Zoology, so I thought…. Turii!! So yeah, this is actually done in crayon. I’m pretty proud of myself XD I am now very, very fond of crayons now~ although because it’s crayons, details are hard to do… Just squiggles


Virus of the Mind

I’m actually updating! The scanner is being finicky, but here’s the best I could get, now time to explain!

This is a sort of “Yamajijin-Kagachijin” picture, the lady at the top is supposed to be Hare no Itoyo though I don’t think she looks sinister enough and the lady reflected in the mirror-type thing is supposed to be Ame no Uzume, her teachings of “sin” and “impurity” lead to how Itoyo set up Masinowa society, with the Yamajijin ruling over the Kagachijin… and there at the bottom is Misakuya surrounded by genes, I’m trying to show the concept of meme (like how the image of a gene is used on the cover for the song meme, even though the meme-gene analogy isn’t perfect of course…) and that Misakuya’s beliefs about Kagachijin are caused by the horrible memeplex that began with Ame no Uzume’s teachings, and continued to evolve. Hence the name “Virus of the Mind”, it’s also the name of a book about memetics.
In the center are the Kagachijin, and some not so subtle GijirixIdo, couldn’t resist! Ah, and the two of them are encircled by an ouroboros, the symbol of eternity and immortality. (though I still don’t know what was up with Ido’s immortality, if he did have it, I mean unlike the other majin, using magic didn’t use his life force, and he was quite old…) I’ve always loved the symbol of the ouroboros… Also, memetics are extremely interesting


Ido an I haven’t posted in a bit and the lack of recent updates is actually depressing me. Ido left for college so I’m all alone and wondering why I’m suddenly having a lack of inspiration, so at the moment I’m unable to draw anything I’m even close to happy with.

It’s not Ido’s fault of course. It’s just at times when I’ve “lost the flow” Ido is usually there to help me get back in… Until then, I suppose I’ll have to settle with this blank sketchbook page.


Me messing around with photoshop at 3 in the morning… so it’s kinda weird… probably doesn’t make sense to anyone else xD Love those hexagon things and ristaccia red is a nice color…

Drawing some random Zektbach people’s faces. And just like Maya said, Malchut/A’milia has those triangle eyebrows xD


I absolutely can’t think of anything to draw! Ideas would be wonderful. Please help your ever-grateful DoT get out of this hole (>_<)

Not super young, but not old. What’s he looking at? I dunno, I just like drawing young Gijiri~